Guided Meditation: Trying to Trust God

Trusting God to guide us is often difficult. Sometimes we don’t even ask for His help. We just believe we have to figure it all out by ourselves. It doesn’t occur to us that we don’t have to figure it out alone.

Find your favorite spot and sit down. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Once again, ask God to be with you. He is already here, but you may not be aware. What is it that you are struggling with the most right now? What do you need help in understanding? Think about it for a few minutes. Tell God what is bothering you. Tell Him what you need guidance with. You can take your time. There is no rush. He is infinitely patient.

He wants you to know that you are not alone. Can you listen for Him to whisper that He is always with you? Sit with Him for a while. Perhaps something new in this space will occur to you. If not right now, there will be endless possibilities for Him to guide you. Perhaps you will read something, or hear something, or get a feeling or sense of being led.

Don’t feel you have to know right now. Leave space for God to help you throughout the day and week. Trust that He loves you and wants to help you. Stay in this place of love and acceptance for as long as you need to. God goes with you – always.

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