Happy New Year !

Happy New Year!! The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on where we are spiritually and what our intentions are for the next space of time.  What lessons has the Universe shared with us? Have those lessons begun to heal any held misperceptions?

Have we grown deeper in some of our beliefs? Have we grown out of others? Both can happen and while it might feel a bit disconcerting, our very real need to grow as human beings necessitates that we allow that growth to happen. While there are always stumbling blocks along the way, we need to remind ourselves that those stumbling blocks, or seemingly insurmountable issues are there by choice. We can choose to be stymied, or choose to allow Universal Love to flow through us. While it might seem easier, and more beneficial to our individual ‘drive to divide’, choosing to remain stuck only prolongs the inevidable process that we all must undergo in order to fully participate in the holiness and wholeness that is our inheritance.

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